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931 Alexandria Pike Fort Thomas,  KY 41075

Golf Course

The Back 9

Arthur Hills design.

Number 10

201 yards, par 3, scenic shot with woods to the right.

Number 11

485 yards, par 5, woods continue on the right, pond guards the green.

Number 12

175 yards, par 3, tiered tees well above oversize green.

Number 13

307 yards, par 4, two long shots needed to reach elevated green.

Number 14

416 yards, par 4, woods on the left, fairway rolls down green.

Number 15

300 yards, par 4, uphill shot to fairway plateau with two tiered green.

Number 16

535 yards, par 5, 200 yard tee shot to hillcrest with scenic view of rolling country side.

Number 17

171 yards, par 3, downhill shot to narrow green.

Number 18

438 yards, par 4, long tee shot to fly ravine and land in fairway before the green near the tunnel.

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